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Transfer and Distribution Conveyors

As an area of innovation for Heat and Control, our transfer and distribution conveyors enable producers to increase speed and maintain highly accurate weighments. A variety of conveyors are available for your production line, including the renowned On-Machine Seasoning System (OMS) for on machine seasoning during transit, and FastBack Horizontal Motion conveyors, ideal for fragile products that require gentle handling at speed.

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Accumulation Conveyors

An important feature of any production line, accumulation conveyors allow for product holding and segregation of exact batches, to help control product flow and ensure accuracy is maintained for minimal giveaway. Choose from a range of options, including the MinuteMan models for minimising breakages, and the SwitchBack models for gentle handling of delicate applications between solutions.

Specialist Conveyors

For complex production lines that handle a mix of applications or variations, we have specialist options to suit your product. Our FastBack systems for product blending and separation actively reduce giveaway and ensure precise mixes ready for weighing and packaging.

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