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Nuts and seeds producers have a breadth of choice in terms of conveying and delivery of products. Our conveyors are suitable for the density and texture of many nuts and seeds types.

  • Our FastBack range includes horizontal motion and product separating options, for gentle conveying and production lines with mixed applications.
  • Varilift bucket conveyors allow for maximum use of floor space and eliminate dangers of jamming or fines issues – a common challenge with nuts and seeds applications.
  • FastBack® Blending Systems accurately weigh, blend, and convey multiple nut ingredients to create trail mixes.
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Oil Roasting

All of our frying solutions can be adapted for nuts and seeds applications, depending on your requirements. As well as our regular  batch and continuous fryers, we also provide specialist fryers, such as the Honey Roast system.

  • HeatWave oil roasting fryers are adaptable to nuts and seeds, with automated temperature adjustments to maintain oil quality.
  • Our Oil Roaster features low oil volume, precise temperature control and clean operation.
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Seasoning and Coating

Nuts and seeds are open to a wide choice of flavouring options, from seasoning, to glazing to enrobing. The innovative Spray Dynamics technology can evenly coat nuts and seeds in a wide number of configurations.

  • We also provide specialist oil glazing applicators for a slick, even finish.
  • For seasoning while in transit, our Revolution Seasoning System (RSS) can apply a range of seasoning types to nuts and seeds products directly before weighing and packaging.
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Weighing and Packing

The hard yet fragile quality of nuts make it difficult to pack without damage.

Our iTPS system integrates a customised RV multihead weigher, to soften vibrations as the product moves to the Inspira bagmaker, able to pack nut products at up to 200 bags per minute.

Delivery of nuts to weighers can be carefully controlled and configured for twin layouts with the integration of a FastBack Left Right Center system, helping maintain speed and reduce giveaway.

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Quality Control and Inspection

The potential for foreign bodies and different levels of compromise of product quality with nuts and seeds is high – Our IX Series of X-rays, in combination with a TSC Seal Checker help detect the presence of micon-sized fines, carbon specks, foreign particles and residual nut flour to fine increments.

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