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As a truly versatile snack type, pretzels and baked snacks open up a world of possibility in flavours, and we cater for all tastes.

  • Specialist FastBack Blending system, for creating accurate product mixes of baked snacks.
  • Option of traditional drums or on-machine seasoning to integrate during blend, helping to increase production speeds while maintaining uniform application and reducing product giveaway.
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Weighing and Packing

Due to the unique qualities of pretzel and baked snacks, we provide specialist adaptations of our snacks packaging solutions to effectively handle your products with minimal breakages and giveaway.

  • Salt sticks weighers are a custom version of our RV-Series multihead model, designed specifically to handle the hard yet fragile texture of pretzels and baked snacks.
  • Our range of bagmakers can align and carefully pack pretzel and baked snacks of varying shapes and sizes up to 300 bags per minute.
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Quality Control and Inspection

As a uniform application of low density, our quality control solutions are developed to detect the slightest faults or defects, using precise non-invasive technology.

  • IX Series can inspect packaged pretzels and baked snacks individually or in bulk, with the ability to detect foreign bodies at low voltages with a quick start up time.
  • Seal testers carefully check air pressure for potential leaks without snapping or disturbing the product, even with salt sticks of a large surface area.
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