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Heat and Control’s potato preparation solutions have reduced production time, with improved automation features seeing uniform consistency to produce chips at faster rates.

  • Every aspect of potato preparation can be fully automated, including initial unloading, trim inspections of freshly-peeled potatoes and slicer feeding.
  • Treat potatoes prior to frying with electroporation to reduce acrylamide formation and reduce blanching.
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The reliable operation and low lifecycle costs of our fryers deliver the freshest quality for every style of potato chip. We understand the unique characteristics and production capacities of different potato products and have specially designed a range of fryers for every frying environment

  • Batch fryers, multi zone fryers, vacuum fryers and multi-stage fryers can be custom designed to suit your operations
  • Innovations in design through our Chip-Stirr® technology allows for repeatable product quality.
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Seasoning and Conveying

The options of potato chip flavours are ever-growing, and our seasoning solutions match snacks producers’ demand for high-speed, even application of flavours.

  • Flavour drums and on-machine seasoning options for efficient application, as product moves onto weighing.
  • Customisable solutions to accommodate flavour mixes if required.
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Weighing and Packing

Ishida’s renowned iTPS system can help potato chip producers achieve 300 bags per minute, combining high-speed RV multihead weigher and Inspira bagmaker.

  • Twin Tube configurations available for evern faster production.
  • First Range Atlas as introductory system, delivering high quality pillow bags at 90 bpm with a single rotary jaw system.
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Quality Control and Inspection

As a lightweight, fragile product, packaged potato chip products needs to be handled with care, to avoid breakages and product waste.

The non-invasive technology of our DACS checkweighers and TSC Seal Testers allow for integrity to be tested without damaging packs, using intelligent weighing and air pressure technology.

Our quality control technology can match the speeds of our snacks packaging solutions, helping you maintain a high yield of high quality.

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