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Delivery and Conveying

Due to its low density and extremely delicate texture, popcorn requires a reliable and durable conveying solution.

  • Our FastBack conveying systems maintain high operating speeds without too much vigour.
  • Revolution Gates can be integrated into solutions to minimise giveaway and ensure yields are improved.
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Seasoning and Coating

Sweet or salty, coated or dry, our seasoning and coating solutions are adaptable to a variety of popcorn flavour mixes.

  • Spray Dynamics applicators ensure regulation of coating, so all popcorn is uniform in taste as well as shape.
  • FastBack OMS solutions can apply dry seasonings without interrupting high speed operations as it delivers ready-flavoured popcorn to their weighing stations.
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Weighing and Packing

Designed with specific surface materials, in order to handle different flavouring and bulk densities, our multihead weighers and bagmakers can handle all variations of popcorn to produce perfect packs

  • Moisture content and wetness of product accounted for, meaning weigher can deliver exact target weights to the bagmaker
  • Our entire range of bagmakers are suitable for popcorn products, giving all producers, no matter their scope or size, the option of using our technology for optimal packing speeds.
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Quality Control and Inspection

Suitable for light products, our quality control and inspection equipment gives the precision needed when detecting leaks and defects.

  • The differences between target pack air pressure and defect pack air pressure t can be microscopic with popcorn. Our seal testers operate at the required sensitivity to detect those differences.
  • IX Series X ray machines can be adapted for use with individual packs or with boxes, for a precise final check during end-of-line procedures.
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